About Me


                I am Christine and meaningful living for me is balancing, the care of my body, mind (I include emotional with the mind), and spirit.  I’m not saying I successfully achieve it every day, but I do know that I gain so much just for trying.  In this blog I will share with you the way I create a meaningful life for myself through nutrition and exercise; tricks I use to balance the kids and husband and to keep that positive attitude (even during breast cancer); and how having a spiritual side/practice does not have to mean an hour of meditation a day or church every Sunday.   The catch phrase “mind, body, spirit” has real meaning and is not just trying to get you into a yoga class.  Integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies will give you the life you want.  My years of experience through trial and error may help you create your own meaningful life now.

Some things about me I would like to share:
-          I was a personal trainer for 10 years       
-          This led me on a path as an Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor helping others to create their own meaningful life.
-          I have been married to my husband Eric (A.K.A. Saint Eric) for 19 years.
-          I have a son and two daughters’ ages 16, 14, and 11.
-          No pets (I have my hands full as it is).
-          I love to read (fiction, nonfiction, it doesn’t matter)
-          To express myself creatively, I write, sew and crochet
-          Have gone back to school part time(for psychology degree)

     Please feel free to comment on posts and ask questions. I am happy to help in anyway I can.   

Now is the perfect time to start Meaningful Living!

Warning:  I am not a fan of the labels, terms or phrases:  “victim”, “survivor”, “it’s not my fault” and sometimes “but”, so if you are attached to these terms and wish to continue to be so, then this blog is not for you.   If you are ready to let go of these terms then this blog will help you to let them go and create a meaningful life now.