Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creating for the Sake of Creating

Forward:  I posted this blog on my other site on November 8, 2011.  I thought it was worth posting again.  Enjoy!  

We have all started projects and some of us have actually finished one or two of them.  Others have dreams of other artistic endeavors like writing, painting & sewing.  The thing is we all at one time or another have had the desire to create.  So what stops us from either getting started or complete something once we do start it?  One thing that gets in my way is fear that what I create won’t be good enough.  No matter how my heart urges me to sit down and write or sew I seem to put it off.  It’s too scary.  Recently that changed for me.
The first ah ha came a few months ago when I was talking to an artist friend of mine, Katariina.  Katariina does it all writes, photography, jewelry etc.  During the conversation we were having about all the things she had been creating I asked her if she was going to be selling her work or show it in galleries.  She replied “no” and from her explanation as to why, I got the impression that she was just exploring her creativity with no expectations.  That idea must have resonated with me because it got tucked away in my subconscious.

A more powerful realization came to me when I was discussing a particular piece of Katariina’s work with a mutual friend.  The time, patience and love that went into the piece was evident and I made the comment that she must devote serious time every day or week to just creating.  No expectations, just creating and being in the flow.  That thought was very powerful for me.

Shortly after, these little moments of insight made their way into my full awareness when I was talking (or complaining) to my friend about all the issues I had about my writing.  You see at the time my heart was urging me to write but I had so much self doubt.  What do I write about?  Will it be any good?  Will anyone like it?  Well you get the idea.  I have struggled with this ‘want to but scared to” theme for years. Then it hit me!  If I was guided to write all I had to do was write. 

Just write for the sake of writing.  It was so simple.  It didn’t have to be anything to anyone. It didn’t even have to be anything to me.  My heart said write so that’s all I had to do.  Some days I just journal or write for my blog.  Other days I work on a very specific book that I have been in the process of creating for years now.  Whether one day I will be published or that I will change the world with my writing I don’t know.  The important thing is that now I create for the sake of creating.  And that opens the door to so much.

I invite you to take another look at that project you have sitting on the shelf and see it with new eyes.  See it without limitations or expectations.  Know that you now create to be in the moment, to be connected to source and are honoring your God given nature to create.

Thank you for visiting Meaningful Living Now.  I hope you enjoyed this recycled blog!  I would love to hear about your creative endeavors so please go ahead and share.

In love and light,


Special thanks to Katariina Fagering for her role as muse to so many.  Visit Katariina at Gypsy Love Cafe.

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  1. Am really enjoying your posts on creating and can't wait to see what is next.