Thursday, October 4, 2012

Themes of the Past Can Give Clarity to the Present

     Feeling the need to purge and doing a little Spring cleaning (OK, Fall cleaning) I started to go through my books.  I never get rid of books.  I go through every other area of my house fairly consistently, except for my bookcases.  I love my books and I can not imagine letting go of any of them.  So I found it odd that I had the "urge" (which for me, is another word for message from intuition) to go through my shelves of books and pull out the ones I no longer want/need.  I guess you could say that I have an eclectic collection of books.  Everything from romance novels to books on medieval castles.  As with most book lovers, I consider all those pages stacked side by side on the shelves, my friends.
     As I began going through the top shelf of one bookcase, pulling out the books to be given away I became nostalgic. Memories of when I had purchased a book came back to me along with the memory of what I was going through emotionally, spiritually or physically at the time.  I could see how when I got excited about a subject I would buy several books on the topic and find out all I could about the concept or technique.  Mystery, romance, self-improvement, weight loss, relationships, exercise...the list goes on.  I soon realized that I was looking at a sort of history of my life.  Each book and topic represented a time of exploration and a time of growth.  It was similar to looking through an old photo album and remembering who you were "back then".
     One theme that seemed fairly constant was that of writing.  I have many books titled "How to Write (fill in the genre)".  I have books on how to awaken your creative side of writing, books on character development and even the beginnings of many books I had started to write.  As this blog represents I still have the desire to write and it was amazing to realize how long I have had this dream. 

     If I had ignored the "urge" to clean out my books I would have never gone through my "photo album" of books and realize that writing for me is not just a dream, writing is my life purpose.  Writing is what my heart has desired to do since I was a little girl and has carried on through adulthood (as my book collection is witness to).  I can't believe that I have not seriously acted on my desire to express myself through words sooner.  I'm still not sure which genre I am destined to write, so for now I will continue to follow my "urge" and keep writing this blog.
     Living in the past is never recommended, but taking a quick look back to see if there are any themes running through your life can be eye opening. Take a moment to walk down memory lane and for a clearer picture, this time be an observer not a participant  I found confirmation of my life purpose when I took a glimpse at the past.  What will you find?

     Thanks for reading this blog and sharing my dream with me.  Please feel free to comment and share what you find when you take a look back.

In love and light,


P.S.  I could never bare to part with my historical romance novels.  They have saved me many times and hold a special place in my heart.


  1. Wow, I never thought of it that way. I like that analogy.

  2. Exccelent reference to "urge" being akin to intuition's gentle shoulder tap!